about the cart

Frame manufactured in the usa

So what's new?

It is how we have taken a concept and combined the best way to handle wedges with a tool that makes leveling track more efficient. The cart rolls smoothly and quietly, with perfectly balanced leverage. 

The frame is constructed to stand up to the rigors of rough use. Inside the modified trash bin is enough volume to enable most 2 camera set ups, a protected spot for 2 levels, a push broom and telescoping handle, and a compartment for 8 inch square x 3/4 thick plywood pads. There is an additional slot to enlarge the pad section to accommodate skate troughs or basso blocks (see pictures in the options section). The lid is re-enforced with a steel skeleton. Outside are tabs to retain starter ramps and special CAMFAB Z lifting bars. We offer a detachable tray for sprays, soap, chalk, baby powder or other small items that may assist with any track needs. Replaceable Delrin pucks keep the bottom plate off the ground preventing damage to this area from dragging. Made from steel tubing the main cage is light and is protected with a tough premium Silver Streak powder coating. 

are there more economical solutions?

Most of us Grips involved with motion picture production have witnessed or endured the pains associated with meticulously stuffing wedges in milk crates. Many of us have jarred our backs hunched over pushing around a heavy trash can that is falling apart and more often than not has actual trash in it. The plastic wheels are noisy and render the cart useless during shooting! How often do we go searching for the level, starter ramps, or a push broom.  And the list goes on. So what would you be willing to pay to avoid these issues? While not inexpensive, nothing this good is!